The pandemic rolls on. I have no intention of debating the government’s problems in this post  I’m just here to enjoy the local countryside.

I have well and truly isolated myself with basically no access to the outside world. I’ve not been into the village for shopping. I’ve a mask, from my toolbox in the garage, to wear if I have to, in order not to spread the virus without realising it.

But I have however started to venture out of an evening for some exercise finding there is virtually nobody about as they are probably having supper. Inglewhite Road, scene of the recent  ‘hedgerow massacre’,   leaves the village in an NW direction and in less than half a mile I’m able to leave it for paths and quieter lanes. I have a choice of routes all between 3 and 4 miles which fits in with the recommended local exercise.

I was surprised to hear that some people are going for walks of 8 to 10 miles and will obviously be out for much longer though they will probably not get close to any other people.  They are more likely to catch something in the local supermarket where I hear social distancing is not always respected. Anyhow, I’ll stick with my moderate exercise regime though the guidelines are becoming blurred.

None of my evening walks is worthy of individual description but all are pleasant enough through fields with the Bowland Fells tantalisingly in the background. The panorama takes in Beacon Fell, The Fairsnape group, Waddington Fell and back round to Longridge Fell. [This panorama was the idea behind my  Longridge Skyline Walk which I devised many years ago as a 60K route and have completed as a two-day expedition several times.]

Bowland Fells.

Longridge Fell.

The swallows and martins have returned, the hedges are alive with bird song, the lambs are doing what lambs do and there is a good show of spring flowers and blossoms. So my leisurely strolls are full of interest. Once off the road I never meet anyone but there is evidence of increased usage of the paths.

An amalgamation of recent walks…

I return home refreshed and ready to devise a menu from my boxes of fruit and vegetables. Tonight was cauliflower cheese. These little details seem to take on an increased significance in the otherwise mundane routine days of lockdown.

I reiterate my privilege of living on the edge of this lovely countryside, enjoying a garden in the sunshine and having none of the monetary or employment worries of some people. I’ve now completed 5 weeks of virtual isolation apart from these recent walks, even then I have no direct contact with other people. I don’t see any problem with continuing for the duration, however long that may be.


My map shows the amalgamation of my local lockdown walks.



  1. Michael Graeme

    Your situation sounds idyllic, and you sound well suited to it. I’ve recently invested in a box of fruit and veg, delivered from Preston which was excellent. Impossible to get a delivery slot from the supermarket though, so still venturing out to the corner shop, which seems well stocked – including toilet rolls!

  2. 5000milewalk

    Nice pictures BC. I like the close-up pics of little flowers, weeds many would say. I’ve taken a few on my walks, forget-me-nots in particular. Nice👍

      1. 5000milewalk

        Back when I had a garden I used to keep a lot of the weeds because I liked the little flowers on them!


    Looks like you’re mounting a challenge to BeatingTheBounds with those photos. Good to hear the cheer. I am battling along in a similar vein but during the day rather than evening, but there are now more people about and I am considering switching. Cyclists are very frequent and from their dress and expensive bikes and gung-ho riding I am pretty sure most of them are far from home but not much seems to be said about them. I am normally fairly easy going (I think) but these cyclists are starting to irritate me – perhaps I’m getting a bit of Lockdown Grumpy, or maybe I’m subconsciously jealous that they seem to have a wider ranging freedom than me.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes I find evening time is very quiet and peaceful. The sunsets have been dramatic and its light till late so you could go for a walk after supper. Later fits in better with my slovenly habits but I know you are a morning person.
      I undestand what you mean about the cyclists – hell bent on beating some Strava record.
      When I go out on my cycle I’m very aware of my fragility, I’ve seen too many injured cyclists.
      Lets have a grump and ban them.

  4. Clare Pooley

    A good idea to walk in the evening – we have all sorts of people I’ve never seen before walking, running and cycling in the lane past our house during the day. We have managed to get deliveries from a greengrocers from one of the nearest towns and neighbours kindly ask what we need and then add the items to their regular supermarket delivery. My husband still has to go out to the supermarket to buy some things for us and to get my mother’s shopping. I have had the letter telling me to stay at home for 12 weeks, ugh! We haven’t seen swallows and martins yet (it’s been very cold recently, though bright) but we did hear a cuckoo in the distance a couple of times last week for the first time in a few years.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Good to hear you are coping with your lockdown. The less one goes to the supermarket the better.
      Enjoy the comings and goings in your countryside as the seasons change. Everyone is commenting on the apparently increased intensity of the bird song.
      Take care.


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