HEN HARRIER DAY Saturday 8th August 2020


 I would like to draw your attention to the event below.

 Hen Harriers and other raptors have been persecuted for years and our local Bowland Hen Harriers have all but disappeared when once they were a regular sight. Grouse moor [mis]management has been implicated in their demise.

  Several organisations have been trying to highlight this problem and seek some better legal protection for our magnificent birds of prey. One such group, Hen Harrier Action, have staged events in the last few years to bring this to greater public attention.  This year due to Covid they have had to change plans and go virtual online. The details for their YouTube presentation is included below – it sounds an interesting and informative agenda and I think many of you could fruitfully dip into it.


It’s Hen Harrier Day this Saturday (8th August 2020) and this year it’s going online. Although we’ll miss the physical annual gathering at venues up and down the country, this year there’s actually far more scope to reach a huge audience, many of whom may previously have been unaware of the scandalous mismanagement of the UK uplands.


6 thoughts on “HEN HARRIER DAY Saturday 8th August 2020

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    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes every week there are reports of shootings, trappings and poisonings usually over a grouse moor. It’s just come to mind that it is the ‘glorious’ 12th next week.
      Recently eagles, harriers, buzzards, a goshawk and red kites have been killed without hardly any investigation and recourse to justice.
      Thanks for reblogging.

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  3. Alli Templeton

    It’s truly appalling to see any of these stunning birds persecuted. You’d think they’d be better protected after all these years, but humanity’s cruelty and greed seems as relentless as ever. I hope events like this will bring change for the better at last. Thank you for flagging this up.


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