Most days I see a Sparrow Hawk flying through my garden scattering the smaller birds and sometimes disappearing with a tit or sparrow. Yesterday as if on cue, it was Hen Harrier Day celebrating our raptors – https://www.henharrierday.uk/ I noticed out of the corner of my eye a pile of feathers on the lawn and a Sparrow Hawk devouring its prey. I hastily gathered my phone and took a few shots through the kitchen window and then it was away. The feathers, there was nothing else left, were possibly from one of the collared doves that frequent the garden.

Longridge is being built up with many green spaces, hedges and trees disappearing. This will have a marked effect upon the local wildlife. Within a couple of weeks, as well as the usual birdlife I’ve watched a hedgehog walking across the lawn and now a Sparrow Hawk. I wonder for how much longer will I witness these events?

4 thoughts on “RAPTOR ON THE LAWN.

  1. Charlie Bowman

    I can completely relate to this. On Saturday evening two screeching Peregrines scorched across the sky above my garden, then later in the evening the largest hedgehog I have ever seen shuffled around the back lawn. As you say, these once relatively common sightings are becoming fewer and further between, all in the name of building anew instead of renovating/restoring what is already in situ. What price progress?

    1. bowlandclimber

      In our modern world I think we all need, well most of us, that connection to nature these sightings bring. Or is that only because I was a country boy from birth? Do city born dwellers feel the same?


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