Following on from a post by Sir Hugh [ ]  this is why I pay my TV license. 

I’ve just watched/listened to a brilliant display of sitar playing by Anoushka Shankar, daughter of the legendary Ravi Shankar on BBC Four, part of their Proms season. There was no audience this year because of  Covid 19.

The first session was with an electronic mixer Gold Panda twiddling the nobs. Mind blowing, you just have to listen to it.

The second session was with a strings orchestra and Manu Delago playing the Hang drum, which looks like a wok. Inspirational.

I hope it will be still visible on catch up TV  – if you have paid your license.


2 thoughts on “ANOUSHKA SHANKAR.


    I knew about this but delayed watching on iPlayer so that I could have the proper time and ambience, and so it was last night. That is high up in my list of best music ever heard. The intricate and skilful playing was always sensitive. The improvisation staying close to original phrases and tunes was exciting having one trying to anticipate with delight which way they would go. On top of that was a powerful magnetism between the soloists and one sensed their feeling of deep involvement and interaction. I have been skeptical about electronic music but that guy was incredibly skilful and gifted producing the most soulful heartfelt music like some kind of inspired magician. As you say worth all the licence fee in one hit.


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