LONGRIDGE SLATE POETRY – Dark clouds gathering?

On many of my local walks up on Longridge Fell since the pandemic started I highlighted the uplifting poems written on slate and scattered about the region. I still do not know the originator of these pieces of art. Each one has been chosen for its content – nature and the environment; humanity, compassion and hope.

Today I have a stroll around the village itself to discover even more poems.

When I wrote about Longridge in March it was virtually a ghost town, but time has moved on, we have relaxed and ventured out shopping again. The coffee shops have a new lease of life. Today in the blue sky and sunshine the streets were busy, but with many people wearing their masks between shops. A new normal as the infection rate rises?  The virus’s hand is on our shoulder warning us of a bleak Winter to come. In that context the poems take on a life of their own – interpret them as you wish, but we should embrace  their optimism.

The latest slates in no particular order…

There may be more painted slates lying unnoticed in the village, I’ll keep looking. I think we may need their solace in the months to come.

On my walk I had a song constantly nagging at my mind …

5 thoughts on “LONGRIDGE SLATE POETRY – Dark clouds gathering?

  1. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    The poems certainly make one pause to think. We are so fortunate in this country even in the present circumstances and far too easily take things for granted when vast populations elsewhere are in appallingly dire circumstances. We whinge about having to wait for NHS appointments and many other such things which are insignificant compared with the wholesale suffering of others.

    The Electric Light Orchestra – another of those I missed along the way but a powerful mix of instruments and harmonies. I liked the choral backing towards the end and the final playout.

  2. shazza

    Love the poems. To my shame I have never really properly been to longridge, except to visit the beautiful cinema of course. Another Mr Blue Sky today. ❤️

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      True it has been beautiful today, I’ve been up on Caton Fell, but as ELO say ” here comes Mr Night, his hand is on your shoulder” an ominous reflection of our ongoing Covid crisis.
      As we used to say back in March – stay safe, X.

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