Saturday 2nd January. 2021.               5 miles.                 Whitechapel.

The four miles drive, hopefully allowed in Tier 4, to Whitechapel was treacherous after a severe overnight frost. Mike had already arrived in the Village Hall car park in his 4X4. We had planned to walk on the lanes to avoid the boggy fields, but the lanes turned out to be of ice rink quality. The modest circuit south of Beacon Fell was completed without incidence. I didn’t take many photos as we chatted away.

Old School House. Whitechapel.

St James’ Church. 1738. The village was named after it.

The Cross Keys. Recently renovated but yet to open. In the past nicknamed ‘The Dorchester’

Two girls climbed out of this last night!


Snowy weather.

Crombleholme Fold.

Eccles Moss Farm.




    I see you are still favouring shots of your walking companion’s backs. I have been out round the block this morning, only about 1.5 miles. I intend to keep doing this or more daily during this Tier 4 period at least. I walked like this every day for over 100 days during the first full scale lockdown. I too kept a walking log between 26th January 2018 and 1st. December 2020 totalling 1148 miles (roughly only about 400 miles per year.) I may trawl my blog and bring it up to date. The parameters I used were similar to those you described in your earlier post here.

  2. ms6282

    I thought for a moment you’d (unwisely!) ventured down to the East End of London 🙂
    Luckily you have good countryside on your doorstep – but, given your shots of the car in the ditch, not so good for driving round those lanes at the moment.

  3. Eunice

    I had exactly the same thought as ms6282 when I saw the post title 🙂 🙂 Ouch to the car in the ditch, those girls were certainly very lucky.


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