Tuesday,  February 9th.     6.5 miles.    Longridge.

There is a bridleway running between Alston Lane and Hothersall Lane south of Longridge. I have not used it for years. The importance of this bridleway, at least for me today, is that it passes by the house of a good friend. I have heard through the grapevine, as you do in these parts, that my good friend’s wife has fairly rapid onset “dementia”. Rather than phone him I thought it a good idea to call by, ‘in passing’. Well despite giving me a good walk it didn’t work – he was not at home. So I am back at home and ready to phone him with the thoughts of the onslaught of dementia fresh in my mind. I would have much rather have seen him in person on the bridleway.


On a lighter note as I walked back up Hothersall Lane I came across a heavily laden lorry parked up. The driver jumped out to ask me the whereabouts of Hothersall Farm. According to his satnav it was in an adjacent field.  I was able to give him the correct information so my day was not entirely lost.


2 thoughts on “BETWIXT AND BETWEEN,


    Permutations seem endless around Longridge. Even though I live in an AONB we do not have so many little lanes. One problem I find is that whatever route I take from home I have to return by one of only two routes. I did find yet another couple of paths yesterday I had not been on before and would you believe it a whole nature reserve. Sorry to hear you are being involved with the dementia thing again.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Thinking about your situation I suppose you are hemmed in by the sea on one side thus reducing your choice from home. But you have far better scenery and views than down here, I long for a bit of limestone, and you found a nature reserve! I’ll have a look for one today.
      The dementia seems to be everywhere, hope it’s not catching.


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