Wednesday  10th January.   6.5 miles.    Bleasdale.

Thursday  11th January.  8.5 miles.     Longridge Fell.

Friday  12th January.  7 miles.  Beacon Fell.

You just had to be out these last three days, perfect dry and sunny conditions. I managed three walks and enjoyed blue skies each day on the lanes around Longridge. Below is a snapshot of each day.

For the trip around Bleasdale I met up with Mike and despite the forecast of below zero temperatures there was no wind so it felt almost like a spring day. We extended the walk from Bleasdale Tower to Delph Lane as we were enjoying the conditions so much. I’m glad we did as it gave a sighting of a barn owl flying low in front of us.  The coast looked very near in the clear conditions.



The next day I had just intended to follow the road loop up onto Longridge Fell, but I couldn’t resist the continuation up to the trig point and into the forest, the usually boggy terrain was frozen solid. The Bowland Hills are virtually clear of snow whereas Pendle looks plastered. On the return I wandered into plantations at Cowley Brook, I had seen cars parked here previously, and I found new leisure tracks opened up by the water board, I will have to visit again for a full exploration.


Today I drove a short distance out of town and walked the quiet lanes up to Beacon Fell, there were a few people about near the summit but I virtually had the place to myself. All was still and peaceful. I wonder if we will get any more snow this winter?



7 thoughts on “BLUE SKY DAYS.

  1. shazza

    Looks beautiful. The sea does looks close. Hopefully another nice day today. Think we are walking over the fields to bashall and waddington.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Nothing wrong with Sale.
      It’s been a good few days. Mind you today is bitter, and I’ve other things to do – try and start the car, buy new microwave, needed housework, defrost boiler condensation outflow pipe etc.
      Will have to be content with the Dolomites.

  2. Eunice

    Blue sky and sunshine makes all the difference doesn’t it? I had two nice walks myself this week, Wednesday with dogs and Thursday without, and though bitterly cold it was nice in the sun.

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