Tuesday 30th March. 5 miles. Longridge Fell.

Lockdown eased yesterday but from the pictures of rubbish in the Lake District perhaps for some a few days earlier, I am concerned about our ability to come out of lockdown safely and it is not helped by what I see today.

The hottest day of the year so far as I walk up to the trig point on Longridge Fell. Within yards of the car park I come across litter in the form of bottles and cans, masks and yes, dog poo bags all recently discarded.

It was only last year that barbecues set light to this area, we were lucky the fire brigade dealt with it so quickly and efficiently. When will it happen again?

I became irritated and even more so when I see a lady with four dogs running loose, dogs must be on a leash from March 1st because of ground nesting birds. Calling her she answers that she has badly strained her ankle and is trying to hobble back to the car park. I wonder if she ever had the dogs on lead in the first place, but give her the benefit of the doubt and wish her well getting back.

The top of the fell is reached without further problems apart from deep mud. A charming Japanese man with his daughter and friend are admiring the views, he remarks on the tranquilly of the scene. I have to agree and also enquire how he kept his trainers so clean walking up through the peat bogs.

Onwards into the woods and out onto the path past the grandiose gate to the kennels.

There were two heads bobbing up and down along with the frogs in the small reservoir lower down, the two ladies have swum all winter, today is the first without wetsuits.

As I was walking back up through the plantation I watched a barn owl quartering the open areas, they seem to be a common sight this year.

On the way home I called into a local shop to buy myself a ‘litter picker gadget’ so tomorrow if I venture up the fell, I usually do, I can positively improve the environment. I will pack the litter into a plastic bag and then on the way home I can chuck it over a fence like this lot…


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  1. Michael Graeme

    I share your frustrations. I’d forgotten the ground nesting birds rules. I saw loads of dogs off the leash during my jaunt yesterday over the moors. Great to hear he skylarks again. I don’t know what we do about an influx of so many who haven’t a clue.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I should have mentioned the skylarks, they helped me stay positive. The news is going to be full of pictures of crowded parks and piles of rubbish. Let’s hope the majority of those fools don’t find their ways into the hills.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I fail to understand peoples attitudes to litter, it is beyond me. Until there is a change in culture we are bound to suffer it. It would need an army of ‘litter police’ to control it. Local authorities must spend a fortune clearing the parks etc. Watch out the Lakes and Dales this weekend.
      Happy Easter John.

  2. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    That’s very noble of you to have a go at litter picking. I know it sounds a bit negative but I reckon the perpetrators will think to themselves, “well, it’s ok. there’s somebody organised to come and clear it up.”

    I remember when daughter Jill was at a problem school n Blackpool the kids littered the classroom floor and refused to pick it up saying “that’s the school caretaker’s job.” If the hierarchy couldn’t get the discipline right at that level there was no hope. The teachers were helpless without backing from the top down.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes, that is a dilemma. How has the culture of “it’s someone else’s problem” arisen? The worry now is that the notion is apparently becoming widespread. I’m sure that in those parks highlighted on the news a herd mentality comes into place. ‘Let’s go and buy a cheap tent, barbecue, gallons of beer, get smashed and then leave it all’
      Happy Easter Conrad.

  3. Eunice

    As a very young kid I was taught never to drop as much as a sweet wrapper and to always either find a bin or take stuff home, so it really riles me to see the amount of rubbish thrown/dumped/discarded around the countryside and open spaces. Good on you for having a go at litter picking but I have to agree with Conrad that the mentality of a lot of people these days, most of them old enough to know better, is that it’s okay to leave stuff because someone else will eventually clear it up 🙁

    I hope those two ladies knew what they were doing – swimming in reservoirs isn’t a good idea at any time and certainly not so early in the year. Sadly the current fad for ‘wild swimming’ will inevitably lead to some people getting into difficulties and/or drowning, or possibly being swept away in a river current.

    Did the Japanese man tell you how he kept his trainers so clean? I’d love to know the secret as mine get filthy even with the tiniest amount of mud 🙂

    1. bowlandclimber

      I went back the next night with a bag and picker and got quite a load. Within 300 yards of the gate were mainly cans – obviously get out of the car, grab a can, set off on a walk, drink the contents and throw the can away. I don’t understand the mentality either.
      Further on were sweet packets and masks. Everywhere dog poo bags.

      I won’t be wild swimming in a hurry.

      I think the Japanese just flew up there, Superman style.

      1. bowlandclimber

        Back to Conrad’s comment I know what he means, that must be the mentality of all the louts in the parks and picnic spots as seen on TV. I think it is slightly different on the fells, you still get the occasional miscreant but up till now most people respect the countryside. I had very positive remarks from other walkers and one or two said they should do the same on their local paths. So maybe the more of us who visibly are making an effort the more others will join in and at least keep on top of the problem and stop the bad habits spreading into our wilder areas. It will be interesting when I repeat this walk after the Easter influx!
        Hopefully the yobs will go to the seaside in the summer and then back to Benidorm next year, not that I have anything against Benidorm.

  4. ms6282

    Discarded “doggie bags” seem to becoming a real problem. I’ve seen at least 2 on every recent walk.
    Oh, and don’t leave us on tenterhooks – how did he keep his trainers clean !

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