JD phoned to suggest a walk by the rivers to try and spot otters which have been present recently. Suffice to say we didn’t see one but had an enjoyable walk nonetheless The stretch of waters we walked by I’ve described so many times in these pages, so I do not intend to repeat it here. We started on the Hodder and walked to its junction with The Ribble and then carried on to Hurst Green, basically part of the  Tolkien trail. Spring flowers were more varied with new species appearing, the bluebells continued to put on a good show and of course the wild garlic was at its best in the damp shady places. Many of you will know the route on seeing this tree, the Winkley Oak.

Midweek is becoming much quieter as many people have returned to work, we met only a handful of dog walkers. A favourite spot is where the Hodder and Ribble join, there is a bench inside a fisherman’s hut which provided a comfortable lunch spot looking out over the rivers. Farther downstream near Hacking Hall the sandy banks provide nesting spaces for Sand Martins which were flying low around us as we passed, lovely to see them back. A thunderstorm with heavy rain caught us on the last stretch to Hurst Green, the sky above Pendle having taken on mysterious dark hues. Pubs are still only able to serve outdoors and because of the rain there were no takers in the Shireburn or Bailey establishments  when we passed.

This was the first time I’d been walking with JD for probably 6 months, thus the lack of Otters didn’t dampen the day, but the rain certainly did try to.

8 thoughts on “NOT AN OTTER ON THE HODDER.

  1. chuckles4th

    Thank you so much for your posts. I live in Australia and really enjoy seeing and hearing about the English countryside, especially at the moment when we are unable to travel. We have been in touch before when I walked from Land’s End to John o’Groats in 2018. You were kind enough to send messages, I think. I was wondering if there was any chance that I could ask you for a higher res version of the last photo in this post .. I’m a painter and should love to make a painting of it for my own home, to remind me of walking in England. With all good wishes, Jules Forth

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      How lovely to hear from you Jules. Glad you are keeping tabs with the UK. Your Black Dog Walk LEJOG was a joy to follow, can’t believe it was 3years ago!
      It’s a great shame that travel has been so restricted for last year and this.
      The photo is of Pendle Hill which you walked close by and had views of. I will gladly send you the image. I think I have your email address from your website. Let me know here if you don’t get it.
      Of course, I shall want a picture of your beautiful painting.
      Best wishes John.

  2. Michael Graeme

    Stormy skies indeed. That is a lovely stretch of river, and glad to hear it’s not so busy now as it was. BTW, your mate’s got my Thermos soup pot!

  3. Eunice

    A shame you didn’t see any otters and the rain caught you out but still a nice walk, and the last photo is lovely 🙂


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