In my last post  visiting  the witch’s grave in Woodplumpton, I mentioned a book on Lancashire graveyards that I had mislaid. Well, an unexpected parcel arrived this week from an eBay seller. It contained a copy of the said book – Lancashire, Who Lies Beneath, written by an Elizabeth Ashworth. For a moment or two, I racked my sluggish brain to recall whether I had ordered it myself, no I’m not getting that absent-minded.

I was overjoyed to have a new copy, no doubt the other one will turn up now. Over my morning coffee, I read the chapter on the Fylde Witch, which contained more detail than I recounted in my post. In particular, was a reference to a ritual associated with the grave to protect the locals from her ghost.

“You must walk round it three times and then stand on the stone. Look north, then east, then south and finally west. You then make a wish and run round the church three times, but if you see the devil you must run away even faster!”

If only I had known that at the time.

I have an idea who the Secret Santa may be and will confront him shortly. I am however very grateful for the present and am already planning more graveyard visits. A giant’s grave, a pet cemetery, several of Lancashire’s notables, pit, sea and war disasters, a highwayman and of course more witches. Plenty of ideas.

7 thoughts on “A SECRET SANTA.

  1. Eunice

    A lovely surprise present from ‘Secret Santa’, it sounds like an interesting book – I look forward to reading about the giant’s grave and the pet cemetery once you have visited them 🙂

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I’m plotting my way through those cemeteries all over Lancashire. At the moment I’m housebound, so it will be awhile before visiting, but will report back, don’t you worry.
      It’s great having a Secret Santa on my blog.


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