I came out today and climbed the fell to try and capture a suitable photo for my season’s greetings. Maybe a robin, maybe a patch of snow or some holly berries or even a man in a Santa hat. No, I have failed, as you can see from my photo above. All was grey and gloomy.

It’s been that sort of week.  Most days I didn’t venture out into the raw weather. I was kept busy wrapping presents and mulling over wine. Making lists and peeling vegetables. Phoning distant friends not seen for months, even years. Avoiding the crowded last minute shopping. Enduring lateral flow tests and crossing fingers, already two of my grandchildren will be absent from the festivities. So this is Christmas.

  One bright spot today was a repainted slate poem in a cupboard with a humorous line – which made me smile.

Strange things happen on Longridge Fell.


5 thoughts on “OF THE SEASON.

  1. hairyo

    I’m definitely relating to what you’re going through… Hoping to get out more soon. Both my son and I came down with we Believe bad colds, but my daughter is in town who haven’t seen for months I will have to social distance. We got one covid test which came out negative so likely just a bad cold. Good practice for the immune system right? Merry Christmas, I enjoy your blog.


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