If you go up to the woods today, you’re in or a big surprise.

There must have been a lot of trees blown down in our recent storms, Arwen and Barra, I started to notice them as I walk farther along the fell. I haven’t been past the trig point on my tentative walks to see if my Plantar Fasciitis is improving. Today I intended to give it a sterner test, if you can call 6 miles a test.

It was when I met a couple who had turned back because of the difficulties that I questioned my sanity for continuing. Already I’d had minor diversions around fallen trees, but I fought my way through onto one of the obvious forest tracks on the ridge, thinking I had escaped the worst. Even this track was completely obliterated a little farther on as I approached what was named Sam’s View, a panoramic clearing. I had to go well off route to avoid the worst of the fallen timber. I could hear voices in the forest to my left and suddenly a family of four emerged looking rather dishevelled, they had been in there awhile trying to navigate around the damage. The father showed me their tortuous wanderings on his phone, I pointed them to a safer track.

I’d intended going as far as Kemple End on the ridge, but the way forward in that direction, a little difficult at the best of times, was wholly choked with fallen trees. I was glad just to return to the main forest road. Lots of families and lots of dogs were promenading this track, it was a Bank Holiday after all. I soon went my own way and traversed the fell back to my car. My heel is certainly improving, providing I stick to soft ground.

It was reassuring that most of the original Scots pines and Beech trees had withstood the storms.

Go careful up there.


  1. Michael Graeme

    Sobering amount of damage. Interesting how the native beech and pine survived. I wonder how long it’ll be before those paths are cleared.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      The planted pines/larches have very shallow root systems.
      Yes, some of the paths up there are forestry tracks and some are Public Rights of Way. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. There is an awful lot of work to do.

  2. Martin Banfield

    Best wishes for the New Year, BC, and I’m pleased to hear there has been some heel improvement.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks, Martin. All the best to you and Sue.
      I’m OK walking on soft ground and there is plenty of soft ground at the moment, I would normally be trying to avoid it.
      No doubt we will get a meet up sometime in 2022.


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