Wintry Bowland.

After the high winds, torrential rain and a morning of persistent snow the sun came out Saturday afternoon, enticing me (and many more Longridge residents) to walk around the block.

The air was still and almost warm, the hills were brilliant white and the birds were singing in the hedgerows. There were lambs in the fields. Simple pleasures.

I was glad I made the effort yesterday as today we are back to powerful winds and more rain. Don’t you just love British weather?

Here comes Storm Franklin.

11 thoughts on “ANOTHER INTERLUDE.

  1. Clare Pooley

    I am a little weary of these storms, I must say! This winter we have had hardly a flake of snow, just rain and wind and gloom with a few brighter days inbetween. I like your wintry Bowland photo.

  2. Eunice

    I like the picture – snow is very pretty as long as it’s looked at from inside a warm house 🙂 There wasn’t a great lot of it here – I came back from the Trafford Centre at mid day and only started to see the white stuff on the outskirts of Bolton. It was more of the slushy stuff than anything but just enough to throw the local bus services into absolute chaos – all I can say is it’s a good thing we’re not in Switzerland!

  3. Martin Banfield

    Well done you two, the next project no doubt looms ahead….

    On the trig posting to follow, I’m assuming Sir Hugh’s words will be mirrored.


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