Beacon Fell.

My friend and blogger Sir Hugh, conradwalks , often talks of ‘a bloggers gift’ Some unexpected happening or conversation that brings the story to life. He seems to collect these occurrences on a regular basis, many of them centred around a cup of tea with complete strangers. I’m secretly jealous.

Picture the scene – we are walking down a country lane when a man recognises me and enters into conversation. We are just passing his house, and he suggests showing us around his garden. We are not rushed for time, “Yes we would like that” was our innocent reply. The garden was large and unruly with many interesting plants. His main passion was apples and he had many varieties, most grafted onto stock by himself. We had finished the garden tour when his wife offered us tea, we couldn’t refuse. Next thing we were seated in the garden with tea and chocolate birthday cake. Talk was inevitably about the old times, we had many shared acquaintances.

As we came away after a good hour in their company I realised I should have had a photo of the occasion – a bloggers gift. Too late, what a missed opportunity.

Anyhow, here are a few photos from our stroll around the Whitechapel area beneath Beacon Fell. The emphasis was on beautiful Lancashire pastures with extensive views and on the multitude of very expensive properties, you don’t get much for less than a million. Mike was prospecting a possible route for a walk he is leading later in the month starting and finishing at the newly refurbished Cross Keys Inn.


Whitechapel St James Church.


Into the fields.


Himalayan Balsam in profusion.


Hydrangeas at Crombleholme.


Modern day fencing.


Wood Fold.



Barnsfold barn conversion.


C17th Ashes Farm, moated.


Cross Keys Inn, closed on a Monday lunchtime



4 thoughts on “A BLOGGERS GIFT.

  1. Michael Graeme

    I’ve noticed how some people have an affinity for anecdotes, as if life judges them more open to stuff happening, and gives them lots to write about.

  2. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    There are a number of reasons for going for a walk and even more so on multi-fay backpacking trips. High on this list is having unexpected encounters with things, people, or ideas that spring to mind as one poddles along. I enjoy the business of creating a blog post and am always on the lookout for something ancillary to the walking route to post about, but like you I am often remiss at taking photos “in the moment.” I think those who do, have some innate quality which can borderline on the intrusive (paparatzzi springs to mind.) I did remember to take a photo of my gashed leg on my descent from Nan Bield Pass back in 2010 when my walk originally entitled “Lowestoft to St. Bees Head” was aborted at Patterdale and had to be renamed “The Broads to the Lakes.”

  3. Martin Banfield

    Before reading Conrad’s comment, I had the word ‘intrusive’ in mind as an excuse (a poor one) for omitting to record ‘on film’ a ‘blogger’s gift’ of the nature so evocatively described by BC.
    I’m sure we’ve all missed such opportunities. Good to see you getting out and about, BC.


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