Not all my outings go to plan. Is it the bang to my head that has affected my judgement?

Despite the forecast for rain most of the day my judgement was to get some exercise anyhow and hope the skies would clear. Some hope. I set off cycling from the usual Halton on Lune parking. Full waterproofs from the word go. The only respite was when I could shelter from the worst downpours under the many bridges in Lancaster. There weren’t many people about and once out of the city there was suspiciously nobody coming the other way on the usually busy cycle track. After a mile or so there was flooding across the path, my judgement told me it wouldn’t be very deep. Only after about 50 yards as the water came well above my bottom bracket ( a cycling term not connected to my anatomy) and my feet were soaked did I stop to ponder. Would it become deeper, what if I fall off into the icy water, and do I have to return the same way?  That ditch on my left looked awfully deep. Yes I did the only sensible thing and turned gingerly round.  Glasson, its coffee and pastries, can wait for another day.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 213143[2894]


End of the line.

I tried to rescue the day by cycling another way on the northern side of the Lune through Skerton to Halton. I was unimpressed. Even the ride out to the Crook of Lune lacked enthusiasm, though the river at the Halton weir was in good form, (header photo) I suspect that the flood I encountered was due to the heavy rain combined with a high tide.

I called it a day and went for a welcome coffee and biscuits with Sir Hugh in Arnside, thank you. The sun was shining when I set off for home.


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12 thoughts on “NO GO TO GLASSON.

  1. Eunice

    That’s a serious amount of water there, a shame your cycle ride was cut short. I was in an area of the Yorkshire Dales at New Year and was amazed at just how many waterlogged areas there were. We passed what would normally be a camping area at the side of a lake and it was completely under water almost to the road.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      The floods took me by surprise, but we have had an awful lot of rain. I suspect there was a high tide which always aggravates matters. on the coast. Our lanes have lots of large ‘puddles’ always just around the corner. Today is going to be worse.

  2. 5000milewalk

    That lane was flooded when I was walking through there in March 2020 too! I can assure you it DID get a lot deeper! (although I walked along the embankment above it so didn’t get as wet as you).

  3. Michael Graeme

    Well done for turning out anyway. I think I’m due a trip to Glasson myself shortly, as soon as it stops raining!

  4. Alan Smith

    A good shout turn turn back, there is a ditch that runs alongside the cycleway, stray into that and I have heard it is 6ft deep in places.


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