DSC03052The place, the time, the circumstances.

Here I am looking into a flood on the cycle track to Glasson. Did it all happen two weeks ago? What am I doing here again? I ask myself, I curse myself. I’ve been impatient and obviously unrealistic. I’m not thinking straight. The water has not had a chance to recede. We’ve had snow melt loading the Lune. This time I don’t put a wheel into the water but just turn around and pedal back with my tail well and truly tucked.

I’d only come out on this fairly grim day for some exercise to build up the knee muscles. There is a limit to what you achieve on the static bike in front of the telly. And my limit is almost zero. There is nobody about, I long for the Spring when the friendly tea van will be once again parked up at Halton Station.


Loneliness of the long distance cyclist…

Let’s make the best of it, cross the Millennium Bridge and head back to Morecambe. I come in at the west end, considered the most run down part of town, for a good reason. But last week the government has given £50 million towards the Eden Project, levelling up. Planning permission has been granted, so now it is a matter of securing all the finances and starting the scheme on site. Our Prime Minister has been up here, controversially by plane, to try and spin the occasion. Unfortunately a simple seat belt error has put him into deeper waters.  I try to envisage the site but think I am on the wrong side of the Stone Jetty. The Midland Hotel will be close by and benefit from the investment as I am sure the rest of Morecambe will. Shame about the present rail non-station. Wouldn’t it have been great if they could have reused the Victorian Station and have visitors arriving in style. Car parking will become a problem.


Change of plan, the other side of the Lune.



West End of Morecambe.



Will I ever see it like this?

I’ve a splitting headache developing and go in search of painkillers. I’ve had problems since my blackout and injury a few weeks ago and don’t feel with it. Morrisons Petrol outlet serves me well. I enjoy another tasty cheese and onion slice from Kennedy’s bakery in the Festival Market. A combination of Brufen and pastry get me going again. But the pain gets worse and worse on the right side of my scalp. Glad to be back at the car, bike packed into the boot , I cancel my planned visit to Sir Hugh, fasten my seat belt and head home. It is only then that I realise since removing my cycle helmet that the pain has gone. Must have been localised pressure on my skull all along. Numbskull!

A strange day really. Jamais vu?

8 thoughts on “DÉJÀ VU ON THE LUNE.

  1. Eunice

    Sorry to read that your day wasn’t very successful BC but glad your headache wasn’t too serious. Morecambe looks so dismal with that grey sky – I hope the next time you’re round that way the weather and the day will be much better.

  2. Michael Graeme

    Better to have tried and failed, as they say. Our PM’s visit to Morecambe certainly blew up in his face. Clunk click. I hope they’ve already banked the cheque. That Eden project will be stunning, and well deserved.

      1. Michael Graeme

        I was reading about the other Eden project. It took two and half years to open for the first visitors, and then it was a work in progress for the next decade, and I’m guessing still is, but I’m thinking we should both see it, at least as it’s getting going.

        1. bowlandclimber Post author

          Let’s see the first brick installed.
          I haven’t been to the Royal Horticultural Society Bridgewater Garden yet, but reports suggest good progress.
          The great gardens of Britain must have taken decades to become established.
          Maybe we can make a few shortcuts nowadays, but there is nothing like slow maturity.


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