Ignoring the title of my last post I’m up here again, doing it the easy way from Cardwell House , on Jeffrey Hill. And definitely staying out of the trees this time.

All part of my irregular three-mile litter picking circuit. I have been a bit lax recently and not kept up to my original monthly round. But no matter, the plethora of the Covid lock-down years has passed. There is room to park, though there are few takers this misty damp afternoon. There are always good pickings in the first hundred yards or so. I ignore the underpants in the car park and concentrate on the dog poo bags, a record today of 13, 10 of them full. The only person I meet is a dog walker, hopefully a responsible one as I bite my tongue and don’t grumble about the mess. By the way green doggy bags are no more environmentally friendlier than black ones – take them home, please. Rant over.DSC03114

I keep to my plan  – up to the summit, good pickings here as usual, cross over and come back down alongside the wall to the road. Cola cans outnumber Lucozade, for a change. The odd glove or hat, a helium balloon, Cadbury’s chocolate the favourite. One glass beer bottle.


I hope that if the fell looks clean people will be less inclined to drop their rubbish. Is there any evidence for this? This is my bit of fell after all, not that I want you to think I’m over obsessive about its cleanliness. (can you be over obsessive?) Once on the short stretch of road there is more to contend with. Some I will leave for the ‘council’ to deal with. Was it part of an organised litter pickup to be collected later or more likely a deliberate drive out and dump mentality? I’d better just stick to the fell.


By the time I was back at the car my bag was overflowing and feeling decidedly heavy. Job done.


“What do you think of it so far?”  was one of Eric Morecambe’s catchphrases – and the reply from somewhere offstage – RUBBISH.

13 thoughts on “LONGRIDGE FELL – THE EASY WAY.

  1. Walking Away

    Job well done. Just a real shame you have to do it. It *is* possible to buy compostable dog bags with the right kite mark (NOT ‘biodegradable’: as you rightly point out these are a con). They are harder to find and cost at least 50% more. But I don’t think people who leave them behind would be concerned enough to switch to them!

  2. Martin Banfield

    Snap! I thought I’d been up before, and it was by the easy walk/jog from Cardwell House. Well done on the litter picking.

  3. Michael Graeme

    Good to see the little blue car making an appearance. I shall never understand the carelessness of those who litter. A hat, a glove, they’re probably missed by their owners. You see them impaled on fence posts, hopeful of being reunited. But the trash and dog poo,… grrrr.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      The hat I had noticed since before Xmas, so I decided the owner wasn’t returning.
      A lot of the rubbish was white tissues, I presume used delicately by ladies.

      1. Michael Graeme

        A good call. If I lost my hat, I’d not bother searching for it. As for the tissues, I would draw a veil over that one.

  4. Eunice

    Don’t get me started on litter and dog poo bags! I was taught from a very early age not to leave litter and even now I’ll walk miles with a toffee wrapper in my pocket until I find a bin, so I’ll never understand why people have to blight lovely country areas with rubbish. Not only does it look bad but some of it could be detrimental to wildlife too.


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