P1000193I have a few ideas for some hilly walks now the weather has improved, but they would involve travelling on the busy Easter roads, so I manage to procrastinate the morning away. Let’s just stay local and have a wander up Longridge Fell checking out a few bird habitats at the same time. I’m keen to see the Great Crested Grebes performing their mating dance on the little reservoir at the top of the village. This is where I park my car. Craig Y Longridge is busy with climbers.

As I’m putting my boots on along come JD and his friend Danny. In a couple  of weeks they are off to do a pilgrimage walk through Portugal to Santiago de Compostella and are out for a brisk training walk. May I join you I ask? Yes as long as you can keep up with us. All very friendly. They set off at speed up the road, my ‘un’fitness showing. I let them do the talking whilst I try to get my breath back. Fortunately there is soon a rest break whilst they remove clothing layers, the day is hotting up along with their pace. They stuff their clothes onto rucksacks which they are carrying for training purposes.

Now into rhythm I begin to enjoy the walk as we  climb up onto Longridge Fell, my original destination. There are daffodils and primroses along the verge and bird song in the air. Young lambs play in the fields. Aren’t we lucky to have this on our doorstep?

Instead of following their intended route up the lane to the kennels I take them off on a track through the fields, past the little reservoir, on by the long abandoned quarries and just below the expensive farm conversion to meet up with the lane leading to the plantations. They claim they had never been that way before, but I doubt their memories. They stop on the ridge for a drink, I suck on an orange. Then along the balcony path above Chipping Vale to the crowded parking on Jeffrey. The first people we had met all afternoon.

We have a quick look into Cardwell Quarry where JD and I used to climb years ago as I had seen a barn owl there the other day. We see a couple of small falcons fly out – ?merlins. In the corner I spot the barn owl, get a hurried long shot (photographically I hasten to add) before it sees us and flies out – what a wonderful bird. Now I know where it roosts I creep in another day and try and get some better images. JD is surprised to see the amount of significant rock fall that has occurred over the years. Quarries are inherently unstable, one just hopes that you are not hanging on when the rock decides to part company. Anyway climbing is banned here ever since some unruly and aggressive behaviour towards the farmer from some youths partying in there. I only hope they weren’t climbers, not that it makes any difference to the ban.

It’s all downhill on the road back to Longridge past the golf course. As part of their training they feel obliged to call in for a drink. We sit on the sunny balcony enjoying a beer whilst the golfers go over their good and bad shots of the day. All very pleasant. Resisting the temptation to stay longer we are soon back into town. I had had my walk up the fell in slightly different circumstances to those envisaged and thoroughly enjoyed the banter. It has turned out a very Good Friday after all.  I’m envious of their upcoming peregrination.

A pot-pourri of images :-


A Great Crested Grebe.  


A busy Craig Y Longridge.


A couple of pilgrims.


A Million pounds. 


A busy Jeffrey car park.  


A distant Barn Owl. 


A lot of recent rock fall.


CaptureLongridge Fell.

9 thoughts on “A VERY GOOD FRIDAY.

  1. Eunice

    I like the Great Crested Grebe, it looks so cute with the mop of feathers on its head 🙂 I’ve been to the coast today, stuck to the A roads to avoid any motorway mayhem and had no problem at all, and I’m hoping to be in Morecambe tomorrow as a follow-on from somewhere else.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I stayed clear of Blackpool and Morecambe over the Easter weekend. That’s why I was walking up Longridge Fell for the umpteenth time.
      The grebes are so photogenic, last year I took pictures of the young riding the mother’s back, and now I’m trying to catch the mating . (as seen on David Attenborough’s Wild Isles)
      Enjoy Morecambe – the forecast is good.

  2. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    A good example of what I call “making things happen.”
    The grebes featured on Attenborough’s latest I watched the other evening – they must be in the top few of the most spectacular birds indigenous to the UK.

  3. ms6282

    It’s handy that you’ve got a good walk from the doorstep for those Bank Holiday Days which you know the traffic is going to be awful. And with the weather being so good on Good Friday it would have been a pity to stay indoors.
    I was out doing something different that day – enjoying the sunshine in a stadium watching my team beat our bitter local rivals – at Rugby League of course. So a good Good Friday for me too.


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