You will have noticed we are moving from Summer to Autumn, although the seasons are not what they were. Heavy rain forecast for today and yes it arrived this morning. Soup and bread for lunch which will become the norm from now on, ditching the salads. I make lots of nutritious soups from cheap, out of date vegetables, from the supermarket and my freezer is full of them.

Come early afternoon it looks brighter. From my house I can view the westerlies coming in over the Fylde plain. Should be OK for an hour or so. I walk down past the cricket ground watching the clouds scudding across Fairsnape. It feels quite warm in the sunshine. 20230918_145655

Up Mile Lane (it is nowhere near a mile) meeting a few dog walkers on the way. We are all trying to dodge the showers. The spire of our village’s St. Wilfred’s Church always prominent on the horizon.20230918_151226

My mood is improving with every few more moments of sunshine. Exercise and sunshine are great healers, especially as we enter the darker months. By the time I pass through the park into the village I’m positively humming. Time to pop into our local Sainsbury’s for some more spinach destined for the freezer as soup. That’s nearly three miles under my belt before the next band of rain. Let’s hope tomorrow will give some breaks in the weather.

Now have I taken any photos on my phone?

9 thoughts on “CHANGING SEASONS.

  1. bowlandclimber Post author

    You all seem to forget the good days. There were many, I recall because in my enthusiasm I overdid things and buggered up my hip tendons. Still living with the results.
    Let’s hope for a quiet October after the Autumn Equinox.

  2. Michael Graeme

    Indeed, we did have plenty of good days between the showers, I’ve only to read everyone’s blogs here to know that. But autumn does seem to have come on suddenly. The house is noticeably colder, after only a week ago what felt like the hottest day of the year, and the light goes early. I wish that Indian summer had lasted a bit longer – I had plans for it. Ah well, we’ll pack another layer, and clean the boots in anticipation of those autumn woodlands! Hope those tendons are soon on the mend.


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