By now you will know that if I just say ‘the fell’ I’m referring to Longridge Fell. However there is a new restaurant in town simply called Fell – not been yet, rather pricy. Saving it for a special occasion. 

I was going to get my hair cut when a phone call came from the ‘slate poem lady’, Clare, wondering if I fancied a walk up the fell as the day was perfect. Of course I did.

We were accompanied by Zola, an Australian Kelpie. This breed, possibly descended from our Collies  are working dogs and need a lot of exercise. Whilst we walked three or four miles I think she did ten. There was a moment of panic when a Roe Deer bounded out of the trees and shot across the heather, Zola picked up the scent and was off. Fortunately cheese snacks dragged her back.

We had already taken a slightly different route up the fell because the paragliders* in the sky were spooking the dog. Normally they are launching themselves off Parlick across the valley, but occasionally if the winds change they congregate up here, using  the steep scarp for launching. P1000620

It all looked very exciting and the views from up there must be great but I was happy to keep my feet on the ground. Some of that ground was very boggy today but we made it to the trig point, yes we could see Ingleborough and Pen-Y-Ghent and the Hodder Valley spread below us, the sky was so clear, before we disappeared into the woods. I love this passage down the tunnel of light. P1000631

A bit of boggy walking, more boggy than I had expected, sorry, on past the tree that I christened ‘It’s Grim Up North’ years ago.P1060060 (2)

Back at the road I took a hidden track into Cowley Brook Plantation for some further circular exploration. We found some unidentified fungi and peered into the deep hole in the ground, Sweden Quarry. After some awkward bracken bashing we were again on the road not far from our parked cars, the paragliders were still enjoying the updraft.. The sun shining bright, these are the autumn days to be enjoyed and praised.


* I hesitated to put up a picture of a paraglider. Three Palestinian PEACE protesters have been arrested in London for displaying such an image – apparently now associated with the dreadful Hamas invasion of Israel. Three women deny showing pictures in support of Hamas – BBC News


What strange times we live in.

Next time I will get a photo of Zola.

8 thoughts on “BLUE SKIES OVER THE FELL.

  1. Eunice

    I wondered if you had managed to get out somewhere BC, the weather hasn’t exactly been great has it? I went to Glasson today, saw a guy with a yellow bike and wondered if it was you but sadly not. The new smokehouse shop is now open, I didn’t go in but it looks like they have some interesting stuff in there. Had a cheese and ham toastie at the little shop, there was so much ham I’m sure he must have put half a pig on it, and it was proper ham too, none of that processed stuff.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I almost had a cycle to Glasson today but was late getting up so just had a local walk instead. Keep looking out for that yellow bike.
      The little shop is great for eats, I always visit instead of the ‘tourist’ snack bar at the marina, good coffee from their machine.
      Good to hear that the smokehouse outlet has opened.
      Awaiting your post on the day.

      1. Eunice

        I didn’t take many photos BC – due to getting held up at five lots of roadworks on the way I didn’t get there until much later than intended so didn’t have much time before I lost the best of the sunshine. Anyway, we have gnomes today 🙂

  2. Alex

    This is a lovely post, great shots too, it’s a strange world indeed when something as innocent as some paragliders enjoying the thermals could have negative connotations!

  3. Conrad Robinson

    For Eunice. I did have a ride in a quad when I fell on the moors in the middle of nowhere and broke my arm. I walked out about a mile to a farm high on the side of Weardale and the farmer took me down to the valley in his quad. Then started a long saga…

  4. Michael Graeme

    It’s troubling what you can be deplatformed for. There’s probably a word for it, when we start double-checking everything in case of unintended double meaning. That tunnel of light photograph is very striking.

    I see Ms Braverman has gone this morning, but I can’t help thinking it’s all part of a cunning plan!

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I shouldn’t have to worry about my or anybody else’s platform up on the Fell.
      I spent some time last year trying to get a shot of the sun setting at the end of the tunnel – but it never lined up.
      The cunning plan was to bring Cameron back. Now Suella has gone I can start eating tofu once again.


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