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I have had an image of the ancient trading city of Samarkand in my mind dating from my fascination with geography as a child when I would  pour over pictures of the world in encyclopedias [the internet of the 50’s]. This was reinforced about 20years ago when I attended a lecture in Manchester from a bloke who had spent 6 months travelling the Silk Road  in the steps of Marco Polo. He hailed from Macclesfield and eventually arrived at the silk worm farm in China which supplied the local Cheshire silk weaving mill with the raw material. The lecture was a fascinating insight into his own adventures along the way as well as a portrait of the Silk Road and all its famous cities. So when some friends were organising a trip earlier last year I jumped at the chance of visiting this largely unknown country and the cities of Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. I’ve just realised I never published the post and have been prompted by a new series on BBC4.  So in no particular order ……….. Continue reading