Kemple End – Hodder Buttress.

As it was dry today went up to Kemple End to do some bouldering and ended up on Hodder Buttress.

Traversing the break is fun. Trying the start to the right hand side of the wall, but having difficulty leaving the break. This would give a start to a hard route up the wall right of Ribblesdale High.

Ribblesdale High is a route starting right of the arete, climbing past pockets to the break, then moves off a sloping ledge lead hopefully to the top. Given E3 6a. That reminded me that I had pictures of the first ascent by Simon Nevett.

If you click onto the photo to enlarge, the sloping holds right of Simon would be the finish to my project – some hope.

PS.  3rd April 2017.

Probes has just crushed that problem at ?E3 6b  Gin Rib.

Good effort.

4 thoughts on “Kemple End – Hodder Buttress.

  1. Phil

    Good evening,

    Ribblesdale High and Gin Rib both look excellent. Do you know if these lines have seen repeats?

    Many thanks,

    Ps, great blog

    1. bowlandclimber

      Hi Phil,
      The two routes you mention were led in the traditional style.
      The arete Birdy Prow is also excellent.
      There are rumours of people highballing them.
      Not may climbers from Craig Y Longridge get up to Kemple.

      1. Phil

        Thanks for the swift reply. Indeed Birdy Prow is a fine looking arête; once normality resumes i’m very keen to climb it.

        My friend and I are making a short film documenting some of the rarer routes of Lancashire and wondered if our ascents of Ribblesdale High and Gin Rib would be the first since the original ascents, or have they see a number of ascents? Either way once this all eases if you live locally we’d love to hear about it all a little more.

        Thanks again,



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