Just Walking in the Rain.

The forecast was not good for today so we cancelled our planned climbing trip to Yorkshire limestone. Therefore to make use of the day set off this morning to start and reconnoitre a walk suitable for a charity walk I’m organising for next year. Usually I find problems with stiles or access so like to plan well in advance.  The drizzle started just after I’d left the car and it steadily worsened over the next half hour and then tossed it down! The field paths I was following were already waterlogged after this summer’s deluge and rapidly deteriorated. Difficult to avoid sinking in some of the worst fields.

That sinking feeling.

Progress was slow and in the end I cut the days walk down. Didn’t come across too many access problems [only one illegal diversion] unless you include the local animals – guardians of the countryside.

That shrinking feeling.

Just to make things worse I began to pick up a dreadful acrid smell which turned out to be a farmer burning all sorts of ‘plastic’ rubbish. Pollution on a small scale but if I did it in my back garden no doubt I would be prosecuted.

That stinking feeling.

Feeling a bit grumpy by now but its all in a good cause. The charity that is. Could be worse – my 16-year-old Grandson is doing an 85-mile bike ride today from Blackpool through The Trough of Bowland, best of luck!  The Lancashire Hot Pot! – more like an icy gazpacho soup in these conditions.


1 thought on “Just Walking in the Rain.

  1. conrobin

    It would be crass to say ALL farmers are evil, but on the whole they are high on my grumpy list. Unsigned public footpaths, exemption from planning permission allowing hideous buildings, unsightly piles of scrap, tractors used on public roads at high speed, and of course, stinky bonfires. I sympathise about the gloopy fields. On my walk round Wales I started opting, when possible, for quiet roads and tracks instead of using so called footpaths marked on the map.


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