Strange day really, a good friend called in late morning and after coffee we decided on a walk up Longridge Fell. Whilst putting on my boots in the porch I recounted how I last year I unexpectedly developed a blister on my toe despite having walked for miles in these admittingly  cheap boots. He replied that his more expensive well worn in Meindl boots never gave a problem.

Off we went up the fell in a cold Arctic wind, hail storms were blowing in across Chipping Vale and the Yorkshire peaks looked alpine from here, not that you can see them in this photo.

Snow showers across Bowland.

Snow showers across Bowland.

Within 20 mins –  ‘Just need to check a sore spot on my foot’  spoke the Rockman. Why?  When he  removed his boot there was a large sore blister on his heel.   Despite my usual systematic preparations I had no first aid kit in my sack. However being an ex scout he had some tape on his poles. Boots off , tape on, boots on. There was no obvious reason for his blister apart from the curse I must have put upon him by our earlier discussion.

A good few miles were then explored through the forest, A bit of fitness for me before a longish walk and for the unlucky Rockman something to reflect upon –  are blisters psychological?

PS. Nepal needs all the help we can give following the disastrous earthquake. 

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