Not the GR131 GRAN CANARIA – Festival time.

Hoya Pineda – Galdar and onwards.

As you can imagine we had a slow leisurely start to the day, dragging ourselves away from the Hostel we climbed back up into the village and contoured round the west side of the mountain. Walking through the village dump we found a path under steep basalt cliffs and height was slowly lost. Over to the west were the steep Tamadaba hills and ahead the volcanic cone above Galdar.

Lanes were met and led us past dog infested houses to St.Maria de Guia, a pleasant little town with supposedly an area of historic houses. We were sidetracked by a car rally in the plaza. The narrow streets, cobbled with black volcanic rock, and old houses in the higher part of town were  explored. What struck us most was the height of the doors in proportion to the properties. Why?  The area is also famous for its Queso de Flor de Guia made mainly from sheep’s milk curdled with Cardoon [thistle] flowers. We found ourselves in the courtyard of a house selling this and opted for a taster of three cheeses and wine. The cheese was salty and served with a biscuit like bread, I wasn’t that impressed. However the olives we ate were some of the tastiest I’ve ever had and the ambience in the hot sun perfect.

Galdar is a stones throw away across the motorway. Some of its houses seem precariously built on the side of the volcanic cone. We found our way to the Santiago church and walked into the local festival, marching bands, fancy dress, dancing troops and a very loud pop concert. It was a couple of blocks away before we found a quiet cafe for a drink.



Santiago Church.

Santiago Church.

The Guagua [local bus] soon had us into the capital, Las Palmas, for a couple of days relaxation exploring the old town with more festivities, unusual modern art galleries, tropical gardens, lovely beach, fish restaurants, local back street bars…………… All a distant memory now we are back in the good old UK.

6 thoughts on “Not the GR131 GRAN CANARIA – Festival time.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Gran Canaria is a wonderful and diverse place for walking and relaxing. The city of Las Palmas has everything – a port and marina, safe beaches, an old cultural centre, fish restaurants, gardens. With its bus links to the rest of the Island one could spend a week or two there. I believe flights from mainland Spain are relatively inexpensive and there will be a ferry from somewhere ?Cadiz. Have I sold it? I know you are too busy with your house and plot for gallivanting just yet.

      1. McEff

        I’ve just been reading your other posts in the series and feeling very ashamed of my inactivity. I really should get into the hills before I turn into a DIY enthusiast.


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