What is happening to our birds of prey?

I subscribe to the blog below. I realise that at times they have their own agenda directed against the ‘landed classes’ but each week there are reports of bird persecutions. We in Bowland have a long history of the magnificent Hen Harriers declining in number over the grouse moors. Tagging of birds is now providing more evidence of their disappearances.

I would like to share the following for your attention…


“They can hide the bodies. They can hide the tags. But they can’t hide the pattern” (Dr Hugh Webster) RSPB Press release: ANOTHER SATELLITE-TAGGED GOLDEN EAGLE ‘DISAPPEARS’ IN INVERNESS-SHIRE Conservationists are concerned about the safety of a young pair of eagles after news emerged that another satellite-tagged golden eagle has disappeared in the northern Monadhliath […]

via Yet another golden eagle disappears on a Scottish grouse moor — Raptor Persecution UK

4 thoughts on “What is happening to our birds of prey?

  1. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    I have said it all before, but here goes again. I can understand up to a point farmers and landowners wanting to cul foxes if they are predating their chickens and livestock but what I don’t get are the sickos who dress up in fancy clothes and TAKE ENJOYMENT from killing grouse with no other motive than that of ENJOYMENT – if they were doing that to humans it would be a very serious criminal offence, and on top of that they crack on that they are beneficially managing the countryside whereas they are merely creating a sterile environment which supports nothing but their own hand reared birds. Unfortunately, the meagre legislation that exists is almost impossible to enforce, and when it is the penalties are woefully inadequate.

  2. Jeff P

    In addition to Hen Harriers, don’t forget the Peregrines – there are now more Peregrine Falcon nests in the city centre of Manchester than the grouse moors of northern England, including Bowland.


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