Sunday.   6thDecmber.  7.5 miles.   Longridge.

 I’m usually still in my dressing gown at 10am, drinking my second or third coffee. That’s how life is at the moment what with lockdowns, third tiers, grieving days and short winter days. My cleaner is still not coming to my house, in fact nobody has really been in nine months, but I can’t be bothered with the ‘hoover’ today. It’s Sunday.

I should be writing Xmas cards and words of encouragement to my distant friends but I can’t find my address book. I’m sure I had it yesterday.

It’s now 12noon and I grab a bite to eat. There is little sun but no wind or rain. I can’t face muddy fields or driving anywhere, so I opt to do my short Longridge Fell Walk on roads for some exercise. We have walked this route many times, I apologise.

I don’t meet as many people out as expected, maybe they are Xmas shopping whilst the stores are open. A few cyclists pass by, struggling on the hills, as well as puffing joggers. I just march on at a steady pace stopping now and then to take a photo, and I don’t take many of those, being so familiar with the scenery.

The Newdrop Inn is soon reached, now sadly closed for ever and then up the long drag to the high point of the walk. I think about past sunny days bouldering with friends in a couple of quarries up here, what a wonderful way to while away a few hours in utmost concentration on the rock. On a gate post is a simple arrangement, a memorial to whom?

I walk down the road alongside the golf course in contrast to the other day when we just followed the fairways. A few lost golf balls were picked out of the verge as swag. Again in contrast to before the golf car park was full now playing is allowed. Some wayside gorse brings a little colour and there is a dusting of snow on Fairsnape if you look carefully.

Once home I had another go at getting rid of the leaves on the lawn. Now where is that address book?

7 thoughts on “WINTER SUN.

  1. Eunice

    It’s been a glorious weekend here, the first decent days we have had in quite a while. On Saturday I decided against shopping and took myself off for a local walk which, even without dogs (I knew it would be muddy) I really enjoyed this time.
    I’m surprised to see the gorse in flower, it seems to be very early. Did you find your address book? 🙂

    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes, the gorse seems to flower off and on most of the year. And no, I’ve been looking for it tonight, becoming frustrated.
      I had heard of that Bradshaw Hall but like you had never visited, thanks for the history.

  2. shazza

    I did comment, not sure why but it disappeared. A bit like your address book. Hope you find it. I saw some gorse in bloom recently, it’s lovely to see it flowering through the year.


    I know that daunting feeling and the repeated putting off for doing the cards. Yesterday I went to visit my friend at his factory unit – I do some occasional assembly work for them at my house and I went to deliver some of those finished items. I arrived to find he he was in the midst of doing the business cards and suggested that as I was part of his little empire I should add my name and I was coopted to do so on about a hundred cards Any will to set about my own has therefore been further postponed. Good to see you getting out nearly every day – chance would be a fine thing but every time there is decent weather something else crops up and I just haven’t been able to get out for ages.


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