Wednesday.  3rd March.     8.5 miles.    Longridge.

The last couple of days I’ve been out bouldering in all that lovely sunshine.  My arms and shoulders are now rebelling. I felt like a longer walk so planned this one on roads for today. It was grey and cold this morning, so I managed to faff around until after a light lunch, brisk walking was then the order of the day. The road through Thornley doesn’t always have a pavement so dodging from side to side on the corners is necessary. I passed Lord’s Lane and Birks Brow, two regular ways up onto the fell and continued on past Thornley Hall to climb the steep lane up Jeffrey Hill, this part of Longridge Fell. [see inserted map and elevation graph]

Even today there were plenty of cars in the car park by Cardwell House, but they would not have any views as the Bowland Hills were in cloud.

Cutting through Cowley Brook plantation, my latest discovery, avoided a little of the road to the Newdrop. I was then on the switchback road heading down to Longridge. It wasn’t a day for taking pictures or for meeting people so I was soon back home but glad of the exercise.

I wonder if they have published the minutes yet.

The steep bit.

Misty parking at Jeffrey Hill.

Cowley Brook Plantation.


9 thoughts on “JEFFREY HILL.

  1. Eunice

    My partner and I drove past the Jeffrey Hill sign more than once on our various days out and always said it sounds more like a person than a place. I like the parish council notice though I’m surprised it’s still readable after so long 🙂

    1. bowlandclimber

      There are some different spellings for Jeffrey on some maps and even on a signpost out of Longridge – Jeffery.
      Parish councils work slowly in these parts.

  2. Michael Graeme

    I’m really appreciating the pleasures of faffing until lunchtime before actually getting around to doing something. I’ll have to make more of an effort once I’ve had my jab and Boris says I can travel out a bit, but for now I’m not knocking it.


  4. Clare Hyde

    Thanks for introducing me to the path up by Cowley Intake. The gate’s been locked for many years, so never thought of venturing up there……it’s magical!


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