Wednesday 7th April.   4 miles.   Longridge Fell.

Last week, or was it last month? I’m beginning to lose track, I wrote of the litter left on Longridge Fell. https://bowlandclimber.com/2021/03/31/lets-stay-positive/ 

I went back the next night and collected a bag full of litter; cans, bottles, crisp packets, coffee cups and of course dog poo bags. A satisfying outing.

Today I thought it was time to repeat the exercise following the influx of Easter visitors. I parked at the usual spot on Jeffrey Hill and set off on my regular walk up to the trig point on Longridge Fell and was pleased to see there was very little litter – have I a competitor picker? I still managed to fill a carrier bag with mainly dog poo bags.

The highlight of the walk however was the number of couples I passed who thanked me for the effort and how they should do the same. I thus had several conversations of a varied nature.

A Bangladeshi family were not so much interested in the litter picking but were keen to seek directions for the best paths, this was the first visit for them. They seemed adventurous so I sent them on a circular walk through the trees which they seemed to have enjoyed when I bumped into them later in the afternoon. We recalled days in Blackburn where I used to visit for Asian groceries and little backstreet cafés serving Dahl and chappatis to immigrant workers, my grounding in authentic curries.

A couple from down the road thought we should all get together on Facebook and have organised clean-ups, I ignored that idea but we discussed all things Longridge.

A couple from Blackpool were walking several little dogs, all sensibly on the lead. It turned out they owned a hotel in Blackpool and obviously had done virtually no business in the last year. They were not hopeful for a quick return to business this summer, opening to less than full capacity with all the costly restrictions, having to take staff back on etc and then to find themselves closed again within weeks. That must be a recurring dilemma for the catering and hospitality sector.

I mention that they had their dogs under control as a little further on were two young women with dogs running wild over the fell side. I politely mentioned that all dogs should be on a short lead at this time of year as is clearly signed at all access points. “Nobody told us that” was their response – I suggested they read the notices at the gate where they had come from on their return. They did however put the dogs on leads, at least while I was in view.

As I neared the finish of my round whilst my hands were freezing, did I mention the sleet flurries we had from time to time? I met a hardy soul who had walked up from Longridge, he does it most days. As is usual when we meet we discuss the wildlife that is around, he doesn’t miss a thing. His hope is that when the lockdown eases the hordes that have been parked up on Longridge Fell will disperse and leave us in peace.

I’m not so sure. That’s not very positive is it.



10 thoughts on “ABUNDANT POSITIVITY.

    1. bowlandclimber

      It turned out a very sociable walk. All part of my lockdown survival policy
      I’ve known you pick up cans when we have been out and about, a bit of pre-planning with a carrier bag makes it so much easier to help.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I think the youngsters of today are in many ways more environmentally minded than their parents. But you only need 10% to mess it up for the rest of us. I think it is more like 20% now.

  1. shazza

    I keep forgetting to take a carrier bag out with me to pick up any litter I see, sometimes try and stuff things in dog poo bags( which I have a good supply of ) but they are not really big enough. Very well done, I will try to remember to do more litter picking!

    1. bowlandclimber

      It is a very social and friendly thing to do, as exemplified in my post. Mind, you always have Hugo to break down the barriers. A dedicated ‘litter picker’ implement is a game changer. Try it on your local walks.

  2. Michael Graeme

    Top marks for your efforts there. I’m conscious of moaning about litter a lot and doing nothing about it, leaving it to the council or that mythical “someone else”. I did once clear a picnic off Great Hill and deposit in the bins at White Coppice, but I left the dog bags – couldn’t bring myself to touch those. The Nitrous Oxide cartridges are worth a bit as scrap, but you’ve got to get a lot of them to make it worth the while cashing them in. I’m with the hardy soul hoping the daily crowds will eventually disperse and then us retirees can at least have the week-day work-days to enjoy the countryside.

  3. bowlandclimber

    Must search out those canisters, a good tip, thanks.
    As I said I’m not so sure the ‘undesirables’ will just disappear.
    On the motorway for the first time today there were signs up – Minimise your travelling – I was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour. All hell next week.


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