A Christmas Tree has appeared on Longridge Fell, well actually there are already thousands in the forest up there. No, this particular one is garlanded with tinsel and festooned with baubles. You will find it as you climb the muddy track alongside the wall leading to the summit from the Cardwell parking on Jeffrey Hill. I don’t know when it began to be decorated, as today is the first time for weeks I’ve been up here.

The sun was shining brightly enough to tempt me out for a walk this afternoon. I was wary of my painful heel, but I figured that the ground would be soft. And it was. A few cars were parked up, but nothing compared to the chaos of recent lockdowns and travel restrictions. Are we going to see a repeat in the next few weeks as the Omicron variant outpaces our boosters? A conservative 93,000 cases today. I feel safe up here.

I take the panorama path high above Chipping Vale with the Bowland Fells across the way. The little spring as you start to climb was running full. This is where one has to hop around to avoid the worst of the bogs.

The Xmas tree is halfway up, adjacent to the watery path. To be honest, it is somewhat underwhelming. I make a mental note to possibly return tomorrow with some festive reinforcements to improve the look of the tree.

I continue up to the trig point and try to update my summit photos in the low winter sunshine.

Walking back down, I find it difficult to see where I’m placing my feet in the low sunshine. I complain to a passing walker ascending with the sun behind her, and she rightly rebukes me with “let’s be glad of the sun at this time of year”.

I was glad to be out on the fell on such a glorious day.


  1. sylvanoak

    yes, it does look like a fine day to be up in the hills. I certainly wish I was! I agree that you should go back with some of our own ornaments to make his little tree truly fine and Christmassy. Do please take a photo if you do return to improve on it’s embellishments. I think it deserves it!


    I agree – it must be done. But that will mean you will need to go back up there on or just after the Twelfth Day to tidy up unless it is already done by the originator. Anyway it looks better than the one given to us by Norway for Trafalgar Square which had become dishevelled in transit. The council cleverly and masterfully politically made light of it saying the skeletal branches were following the spirit of the great British public by “socially distancing.”

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Yes, I had wondered about the clearing up by the 12th day. I often do a litter pick on that bit of fell, so it will be no problem, but I do hope the originator will take responsibility.
      Do you remember the Two Blondes’ Dartmoor tree being cut down?

  3. Eunice

    Maybe the originator just had a few spare bits of tinsel so decided to decorate the tree, but it does look a bit sparse. I think a few more decorations would be nice but personally I would lop off the spindly bit at the top if it was accessible πŸ™‚

  4. Clare

    I was delighted to find the tree today! Sunny and blue skies up there , with thick cloud below.
    But also discovered an eco friendly decorated tree lower down ( GR646406) with strings of peanuts, and fat balls….wonderful!

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I must have just missed you, it was amazing up there today, see my next post. Was the angel on the tree?
      That other tree sounds far better, will search it out tomorrow.

  5. Clare

    I think that grid reference is OK πŸ€”β€¦β€¦just a bit further on from the cairn, directly up from the car park.

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