I almost never set forth yesterday, the mist was so thick down in Longridge, but I wanted to continue with my renewed walking therapy. Friends had called in for coffee, so it was 2pm when I emerged out of the worst of the fog to park on Jeffrey Hill. The whole of Chipping Vale was a sea of cloud, with only the higher tops of the Bowland Fells visible across the way.  My route up the fell was shrouded in mist, giving a spooky feel to the place in the low sunlight. I had the feeling that I was being followed, but no one else was about. As I climbed the air cleared and soon I was above in blue sky with the ridge of Longridge Fell visible ahead.

I stopped briefly to place an angel on the top of the decorated Xmas tree, the reason for my venture after comments from my last post  –

At the summit was a lady with her Collie dog, she had been there awhile, enthralled by the views in front of her. It was indeed spectacular. Thick cloud filled all the valleys, and there above were the tops of the fells in sparkling clarity. Beacon Fell, Fairsnape, the Croasdale Fells and Waddington Fell. And in the distance the Yorkshire Three Peaks. All islands in the clouds. Looking down onto the mist I thought there was the arc of a broken spectre, but unfortunately it never really materialised.

Another walker arrived with his Springer Spaniel. Whilst the three of us chatted about the spectacle, the two dogs ran themselves ragged in a game of tag. I stayed longer than usual before drifting away as more people started arriving. I continued taking photographs as I came down the fell. By the time I had reached the road, a full moon rose from the east as the sun set in the west.

A perfect ending to a unique afternoon.

My pictures below don’t really do it justice.


    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Magic indeed. As I wrote, my pictures couldn’t capture all the glory of the day, you just had to be there,
      I narrowly missed out on a broken spectre, which I haven’t seen since my times in the Highlands.

  1. Eunice

    You got some lovely atmospheric shots here BC, I love the tree one 5th from the bottom. And now the Christmas tree has gained an angel – or fairy – it’s looking a bit more festive 🙂

  2. Michael Graeme

    Wonderful views. What a moody day. I was stuck down at the bottom of that inversion, which was basically pea soup. The tree is certainly looking more festive now, and the angel tops it off nicely.

  3. bowlandclimber Post author

    Conrad, your comment has disappeared in the mist somewhere.

    “Well done. I nearly nominated you for a North West Tonight Christmas Star.

    Good photos, especially the misty trees and house.”

    To which I replied – The day proved your oft repeated dogma ‘that whatever the weather, it is always worth setting off’

  4. jcombe

    Beautiful, it’s wonderful to be above the mist and cloud, looking down on it. I had that for one of my walks in Scotland earlier this year.

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