DSC02485One never knows when there could be a cloud inversion up on the fell. Last year I experienced a couple of almost perfect days up there.

The gloom down here is all-pervading. I struggle to do the daily Wordle, drinking coffee in bed. The morning is slipping away. My lane is closed to traffic at the moment for a new gas pipeline. So all peace and quiet until the gas people start drilling away outside my house. One can’t switch off easily to pneumatic drilling, so I have to get up, the rest of the week I hadn’t bothered. High pressures at this time of year gives dry and windless days but once the cloud is down it stays that way forever.

I should have taken my bike to Halton and cycled the usual way through Morecambe along the bay. But somehow I hadn’t the motivation. Taking the easy way out I decided to head up the fell. The short drive up there in mist didn’t bode well for views. I must avoid as much as possible long drives for walks next year, for the planet and my purse. It’s always next year. Parked up I was surprised by the number of cars already there.

My short walk to the summit and back was punctuated by several conversations with fellow walkers.

There were the dog walkers, lots of them, with energetic spaniels. Hardly stopping for a sniff at me, the dogs I mean, but all enthusiastic to be out whatever the weather. All very friendly. The weather was actually better than expected, no wind and almost a decent cloud inversion over Chipping Vale. Not good enough for photos.DSC02498

A couple were steaming up behind me, they recognised me, I struggled to place them initially. Friends from my lad’s school days, played in my garden and remembered me climbing up my house walls. It was great to catch up and how lovely to see how mature and pleasant people are, we are a friendly lot in Longridge, but all is changing. That gas pipe is for the hundreds of houses being built in our once tight-knit community.

The next encounter was with the fell ponies which sometimes appear. Sturdy equines milling around the trig point.DSC02487DSC02494

DSC02493The fairy or is it an angel has appeared on the fell Christmas tree, it needs a few more baubles.


I stop once again for a conversation with an ascending hiker  “I’m only 85 he declares” The fell is for everybody as he disappears into the mist. Let’s hope I’m still coming up here in the next decade and the younger walkers will stop and encourage me onwards.DSC02501

It’s time I did my irregular litter pick up here, there were lots of doggy poo bags and discarded tissues to remove. Maybe tomorrow if this depressing cloud persists. it must be better than the world football on TV.

A rather sad reminder of how we all did lock down. Or is it an omen for our fractured society?DSC02502

It is still foggy down in Longridge, and they are still digging up the road. I drag my rusty exercise bike from the garage to the kitchen though I doubt it will be my salvation.

9 thoughts on “MIST OVER LONGRIDGE.

  1. Michael Graeme

    I thought the Wordle was a hard one this morning! That was a good effort for a cold day, anyway. I’m struggling to haul myself from bed these winter mornings – I think it’s the light, or rather the lack of it. Didn’t know you had fell ponies up Longridge. A shame about that shattered poem.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      The fell ponies appear from time to time, I must find out who they belong to. They add a touch of interest to the top.
      I’m sure the slate poem was shattered through nature rather than nuisance.
      Somewhere I have a light box to nullify the dark days of winter and SAD, Must get it out, and then I wouldn’t have to go trampling the fells in the mist. You can’t beat the real thing – but I don’t think it will make an appearance this week.

  2. conradwalks.blogspot.com

    I too am restricted to short local walking, amongst apparently never ending medical appointments, and now the stress of Christmas looms. Not good for the planet, but you can understand why some disappear to the Iberian peninsula for the winter.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I was guilty of too many air miles in the past seeking not just the sun but adventure as well.
      One can’t get away from the “never ending” health dilemmas as we age, but one can stick a finger up at the commercialisation of Christmas.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Park at the Cardwell car park on Jeffrey Hill and just follow the path to the trig point. A lovely little walk with stunning views of the Bowland Hills on a good day.
      Unfortunately the continuation path along the ridge is still disrupted by fallen trees from the last storm.

  3. pedrobobkat721b9b9829

    One of my favourite local stomping grounds, and a good place for my wild camps.. Especially in the cooler months, its quiet.
    I’ve only ever spotted the fell ponies once over 6 years ago, nice to know they’re still around.
    Off up over Christmas. ğŸŽ„

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I used to camp up there in the trees with my grandsons.
      There was a lot of storm damage from Beast from the East so some of the tracks in the woods are a bit tricky still.


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