I have not pulled my boots on for a month or so. Today was too windy for cycling, so a short local walk was in order. Do you remember those days of lockdown when only short excursions were allowed – I stuck to the rules. I walked through the fields to Gill Bridge, on through Ferraris country hotel (doing takeaways only) and back along the almost empty road. I repeated the same walk or variations many times, using hand sanitiser after every gate latch or stile. Others had the same idea and the footpaths became well trodden and easy to follow.

We are two years on from there, most of us have had Covid and thankfully survived and life is moving on. We are however faced with another batch of problems, but let’s not dwell on those today. It’s time for some fresh air and exercise.

I repeat that same four mile route from my house. It does not look as though many others are walking the paths. They are overgrown and unloved. No need for hand sanitiser any more, did it ever do any good? The views have not changed, and I’m surrounded by the Bowland Fells and Longridge Fell. The clouds blow through in the blustery winds with odd bursts of sunshine.

I find chestnuts, ‘conkers’, where I hadn’t realised there were chestnut trees. A handful go into my pocket for planting later and while I’m at it collect some oak nuts, acorns. Beech nuts are in profusion along the roadside. Unidentified fungi are seen in the fields. Hawthorn berries add a touch of rouge to the hedgerows.


Into the outdoors.


Becoming neglected.




Autumn’s fruitfulness is our bonus for this splendid short rural walk on my doorstep. My spirits are lifted, and our other problems put in their place.

I mustn’t leave it so long before I next tread these paths, they don’t deserve to be forgotten.


      1. HDUK

        Bowland climber please remove the photographs of Higher Birks House from this website. You have obviously been in the garden with out permission to take them.

        1. bowlandclimber Post author

          I’m sorry, but I don’t know which photos you are referring to. Which post or date? and I will look into it. I’m sure I have not been anywhere without permission. Thanks.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I’m a walker at heart. Cycling recently has been of necessity to get exercise with my dodgy knee., though I have enjoyed cutting the breeze on Morecambe Bay. My version of cycling isn’t A-B as fast as possible, but more stopping and observing.
      Walking gives me more time to think and explore the environment at my feet. Interactions with others is more natural too.
      Not every day is uplifting, I think the bright blustery weather yesterday helped.
      I will be more uplifted literally when I can get back up those hills.


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