I came across The Wyre Way whilst  walking up to Ward Stone Fell a couple of weeks ago. I decided to investigate further.

See my map for today’s circular route.

As you drive up the M6 north of Preston, a well-known landmark is a church spire poking out of the trees to the left of the motorway. This is St. Peter’s Church, Scorton, and it is here that I started my walk today.

It must be 20 years since I’ve walked up Grize Dale and climbed Nicky Nook 215 m!  It was a popular walk for us when the kids were young. The fell seemed to be cloaked in colourful escapee rhododendrons, giving it a strangely Nepalese look. The view over Morecambe Bay was as extensive as ever, but a little dull for photos.

A direct route off the hill down pastures alive with lapwings and curlews took me onto quiet lanes heading north with lots of reminders of the past local history.

Old cheese press.

One sign brought back memories of when I was cycling the byways to get fit for a trip to the Pyrenees, I ignored the sign, skidded on the cobbles and ended up in the river with 20 miles to cycle home feeling rather cold and stupid,

Lower Dolphinholme was reached and the converted worsted mill, which once employed over 1000 people, passed to arrive at last on the River Wyre.

Picked up the Wyre Way signs here and was immediately taken away from the river and down the valley, passing further abandoned mills.

The walking was not as good as the map suggested, entering several busy caravan and camping sites, with the noise of the motorway ever present and the river a poor companion. The best bits were when passing by the numerous popular fishing lakes, presumably old gravel pits. There was a good view back up to Nicky Nook from the frenetic motorway bridge!

Bits more of the River Wyre led me back to Scorton with cafés and ice cream.  A pleasant 10miles, but the highlight was Nicky Nook rather than the Wyre Way. Will explore more of the latter in the coming weeks to see if it has more to offer as a short LDW.

A weir on the Wyre.


  1. Conrad

    I’m not sure which day you were doing the Wyre Way but I was out with Pete on Thursday and we found a magnetic geocache rear of that Tinkers Lane photo you show.

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