Icy weather.

Wednesday 6th January.     6.75 miles.      Ribchester.

As I write this the news is as depressing as I’ve known for a long time. Over a thousand deaths in UK from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours and in Washington, USA, Trump attempting to be a dictator by inciting protestors at the Capitol Building.

That’s a shame as it has been a lovely sunny day, and we enjoyed a wander around the quiet roads on the south side of Longridge Fell – one of my local ‘lanes’ walks.

Mike and I met in the empty icy car park of Ribchester Arms which of course is closed. At the start we diverted to have a look at the Stydd Almshouses and the medieval chapel. I have written about these in detail before. Basically we then  walked up Stoneygate Lane onto the fell, along a bit and then back down again on Gallows Lane.  On the way we passed residences old and new reflecting the wealth that must be present in the Ribble Valley.

The Newdrop Inn, for sale.

Huntington Hall. Early C17th.

Dutton Hall.   Early C17th.

Early C20th.


More modest late C17th Lower Dutton Cottages.

An unknown old chapel.

On the way we came across this witch who had crash-landed.

‘Don’t drink and fly’

Another spectacular sunset ended the afternoon.



  1. Martin Banfield

    Hi BC, and best wishes for 2021. Depressing times. I’ve just abandoned the people I usually walk with for a while, in favour of Zoom and phone calls. I do enjoy reading your entries, and I’m impressed by the variety you seem to achieve from close to home. However, my jog/walk through small parks and ginnels can generate interest, especially re bird life. Today there are jays either mating or fighting over territory, and bullfinches flitting between two housing estates.
    Take care, this can’t surely last for ever.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Cheers Martin. All the best or better for 2021 too.
      I drove 3 miles for that walk, and I am feeling guilty. Most of my walks are from home now, and it’s difficult to get variety. [I wish I had some water closer] I’m sure we will all keep trying. The gritters just gone down the road – another hard frost tonight and maybe more snow in the morning.


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