WALKING LANZAROTE. GR131 – the middle bit.

Montana Blanca – San Bartolome – Teguise.

I am now using the older  bus station a good 20mins walk across town.  There was nothing to keep me at Montana Blanca when I arrived. The morning was dull and very windy as I walked over to the larger town of San Bartolome.

San Bartolome.

San Bartolome.

This was a busy spot with complicated streets winding through it and out the other side onto the central ash plain. Hills kept appearing out of the mist

Most of the time I was walking on a dirt road between agricultural fields, an area known as El Jable,  to be honest it was rather boring. A minor highlight was crossing a small larva flow about halfway.

Many of the traditional crops are grown here – cereals, tomatoes, melons, marrows and potatoes. Small pits were dug down to the subsoil and windbreaks built. Now with more mechanisation fields can ‘ploughed’, a layer of manure is spread and then crushed black larva is brought onto site and spread out to act as a  moisture retaining layer.

Imported crushed stone.

Imported crushed stone.

Small depressions are still constructed for each plant and sometimes little hedges of wheat planted as a wind break. All manner of other wind breaks are constructed from pallets, boxes and stone. The area is not a pretty sight.

The rise up to Teguise became visible eventually.The town of Teguise had been the Island’s capital at one time and had some fine buildings and plazas. It was worth exploring and enjoying a cortado before catching the return bus.

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